Souls in the Sand: Stories of Setbacks, Surviving, Stepping and Soaring, is a collaboration of courageous women of faith who have journeyed through life's most challenging seasons and have discovered strength, healing, and a greater purpose beyond their comprehension. These women have chosen to share a part of their story and their heart with you with one intention:  To inspire you, encourage you, and reassure you that you are not alone in the journey called life.

The sky is blue, the sand is soft, there's a warm salty sea breeze blowing. Come join us. We have pulled up a chair for you.

Treasure Chest of Legacy

A friend recently spoke about the sudden death of her husband. In the aftermath of that unexpected and crushing event, her analogy was that this felt like swallowing a huge pill of pain.  Her prayer was that if she was going to have this much pain, that God would use it for good in some way. We all have events that rock our world: that phone call, the unexpected diagnosis, a loved one spiraling downward, a split-second decision with a life-altering outcome. In this world of instant shots, self-marketing, knee-jerk reactions, and disingenuous posturing, how do we know what’s real when it really matters? When we are alone in the dark with our thoughts and grasping for a firm grip to hold on to, how do we find the truth that sets us free?

Thirteen co-authors have pulled back the curtain to reveal some of the darkest nights of their lives in their book SOULS IN THE SAND: STORIES OF SETBACKS, SURVIVING, STEPPING AND SOARING. The beauty of these stories is that ordinary women pushed through the hardest trials of their lives on a path of faith, and found hope and victory that shines brighter than the darkness.

My own story involves a parent’s worst nightmare: shock, grief, and a lingering, gnawing drive to know WHY. The treasures I discovered in the midst of living this unexpected life have given me hope beyond measure - and my search for treasure started when I realized this was too big for me to handle so I needed Someone bigger and more powerful.

Won’t you join me in a crazy hypothesis and test it for yourself?

I outline four treasures revealed to me from a perspective of not just stepping out on a limb with God, but of jumping off into the unknown and trusting He will carry me. I invite you to sit with me as I tell you my story of tears and healing, and finding purpose in the pain. My prayer is that you will know you’re never alone, even in the darkest night. You cannot imagine the glorious Love working on your behalf, even when you don’t understand.

Revealed: The hidden things belong to the Lord, but the things that are revealed belong to us and our children. (Deuteronomy 29:29)

Lisa White